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Top 10 hottest korean actresses



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    2018-10-20 16:26
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    发表于 2014-7-30 10:52 |显示全部楼层 | 阅读模式
      Deciding who are the MOST Beautiful Korean Actresses is quite hard to do since there are a lot of pretty and gorgeous actresses in South Korea. However, my list is limited only to the actresses I have watched in the Korean dramas. There are also actresses who just dazzle me thus I couldn't resist adding them in the list.
      If you're a fan of Korean dramas, these beautiful women may be common to your eyes. Now, help me decide who should be on top of the list. You can vote for your TOP 1 beautiful actress at the end of my list. ;) You can also leave me a message if you agree with my TOP 10.
      10. Son Ye Jin
      Son Ye Jin, on her real name Eon Jin Son, was born on January 11, 1982, and began his career in 2000 with Secret Tears series, but over the years has received more roles in movies than TV shows. The first film which made her famous was Chihwaseon, directed by Im Kwon Taekand which was showcased at the Cannes Film Festival. Other films that made her famous are: The Classic, A Moment to Remember, April Snow, My Wife Got Married or Spellbound.
      Among the series in which she starred, Summer Scent is probably the one that solidified the stardom of the Hallyu wave, but played in Personal Taste with actor Lee Min Ho. She received about 30 awards, the most important being for the movie My Wife Got Married, which got her the “Best actress” title.




    9. Lee Yo Won
      It is said that those born on April 9 have the talent to turn ideas into action. They give free rein to their imaginations in the most practical way possible, and their ideas are often social, therefore being often suitable to help others.
      This is the case of actress Lee Yo-won. Although she started acting shy, in her debut was in the movie Scent of a Man (1998), she often burst into tears because just the other actors were applauded for their performance acting. However some members of staff have observed tears and told her that she knows to cry, this is the first positive words that they received.
      Lee Yo Won became known to the public due roles in Bad Love (where she plays a cellist who falls for a married man and as a wrong decision you make in life can change your destiny radical), 49 Days, Queen Seon-deok, where played Queen Seon-deok, who had a brilliant intelligence and tremendous power.





    8. HAN GA IN
      Han Ga In, who played her role in Bad Guy Moon is among us with the same number of votes as Lee Yo Won, another actress who also played with charming Kim Nam Gil, but in the drama The Great Queen Seondeok. Han Ga In is one of the models become actresses following the route described above, marking his debut with a commercial for Asiana Airlines in 2002.
      She, however, unlike other girls that you see on TV once and then forget them, is the recipe for success, impossible to ignore due to the fascinating big eyes, perfect skin, nose mole on the left and her body more than well done. It’s a real pleasure looking at her in the advertisements for cosmetics and even advertisements for soju (!) Han Ga In is definitely among the hottest Korean actresses in 2013.





      Beloved Lee Young Ae, known for her role in Dae Jang Geum, is also included in our ranking. The natural beauty and delicacy with which it bears brought numerous advertising contracts, among which the best known is the one with LG Electronics.
      On August 24, 2009, she married a Korean American businessman, and last year, on February 20, gave birth to two twins (boy and girl), still a beautiful mother and appreciated, images speak for themselves.




    6. KIM TAE HEE
      Billed as one of the most beautiful Korean stars, Kim Tae Hee surprises and attracts at first sight with her features: piercing eyes, sensual lips, charming smile and enviable body. It is especially popular in the audience for her natural talent as he did through her roles in television productions of some exceptional characters, with the ability to easily switch from one role to another.
      She is a reference among Korean actresses and models. Over the 32 years of existence has been invited to participate in various photo shoots for magazines leading the photos took care to expose in all its splendor. The commercials are doing exceptionally with unspeakable skill, managing to show a sexy and relaxed attitude.




    5. HAN HYE JIN
      Very few popular Korean actresses can convey the warmth, candor, purity, beauty, nobility and excitement that Han Hye-Jin has. Though she seems naive and clumsy, things are different when they watch dramas and movies. Self-control and spontaneity made a lot of people to become her fans.
      No need to mention the plethora of series through which she had the opportunity to see all aspects of life, in terms of roles marked by the magical acting and interpretation. Han Hye Jin managed earned to steal many people’ hearts with her beauty and character.



      Park Min Young is one of the most beautiful Korean actresses and therefore deserve the top spot. She was discovered the first time in the video of the Haru Haru by Big Bang. There was an upward trend in the professional world- the newest production in which we could see her was Time Slip Dr. Jin.
      The Korean actress had a program just just as full as a model – she played in various music videos and was chosen as and image for various companies – LG, Sony Ericsson, Korean Air, Pizza Hut, Lipton Ice Tea Compagnie, The Face Shop, and more.

      3. HA JI WON
      Ha Ji Won was awarded the bronze medal in the individual finals of the fair sex, with 61 points, unmatched Ha Ji Won, known as “Amazing Yeoja” (Wonder Woman). Being active in the acting career for over 16 years, today at 35, Ha Ji Won looks phenomenal, and age is not reflected in her face. She has more than 30 series and movies on her portfolio, and as many awards won throughout her flourishing career.
      Ji Won is single, and has so far only two relationships consumed in the last 7-8 years ago. Since then she’s alone and stirs the imagination of many men who would be more than happy to be together, probably the hottest Korean actress this year.

    2. HAN HYO JOO
      Han Hyo Joo was first discovered in 2003 by the means of a beauty contest. Although her father, a strict and conservative man, gave him permission to go to Seoul to pursue an artistic career, she has succeeded only in the second year of high school to move to Seoul according to their will.
      She began her career in 2005 in the sitcom “Nonstop 5″, but reached the peak of popularity after being chosen for the role of Park Eun Young, the well-known Spring Waltz in the fourth and final season of the series “Seasons dramas.” The drama was aired in Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines, which led to the international recognition of acting talent and beauty, and brought her a lot of advertising contracts.

    1. HAN JI MIN
      Han Ji Min definitely deserves the first place among the hottest Korean actresses of 2013! Although we know her from Yi San and Dae Jang Geum, where she won us with her talent, naturalness and passion, she also hit Pakhi starring in Rooftop Prince, which has won more fans than ever and an even higher professional recognition! Her character, playful by nature, has gained her public admiration as well as many movie offers.
      Over the years, she showed a maturely evolving career, not only by the roles she accepted, but also by the image she promoted! She started from a good image, natural and fine and arrived today, one mature, strong and confident women. Proofs are past pictorials, in which she appears as a femme fatale, a sensual and confident Korean actress!


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