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Congressional negotiators in the United States




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BBC News with Marian Marshall.

Congressional negotiators in the United States have reached agreement on a bill to stimulate the American economy with almost 790 billion dollars. They hope to vote on the plan in the next few days. From Washington, Richard Lister reports.

This is one of the most expensive pieces of legislation ever to come before the US Congress, and it's caused bitter partisan divisions. Republicans wanted something half the size comprising mostly tax cuts, while many Democrats wanted more money spent on America's infrastructure. The Democrats needed at least two Republican votes to get this stimulus through, and three have now come out in favor of this compromise bill. It's smaller than both of versions which preceded it, and it has seen both tax and spending provisions cut. But it's still a vast amount of money, and Democrats say it should create three to four million jobs.

Leading bankers in the United States have been told by members of Congress that they need to understand the widespread anger against Wall Street and work to rebuild public trust. Chief executives of eight banks which received huge amounts of taxpayers’ money as part of a government rescue plan have been appearing before a congressional committee. Among them was Vikram Pandit of Citigroup which was recently forced by the US Treasury to cancel a 50-million-dollar order for a new corporate jet.

"We understand that the old model no longer works and the old rules no longer apply. I would also like to say something about the airplane that was in the news. We did not adjust quickly enough to this new world, and I take personal responsibility for that mistake. In the end, I cancelled delivery. We need to do a better job of acknowledging and embracing the new realities. Let me be clear with the committee: I get the new reality."

The new Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai, has promised there will be an end to human rights abuses and political violence in the country. Speaking after being sworn in, Mr. Tsvangirai, the former opposition leader, said there could be no turning back on the deal with President Mugabe. Peter Biles reports.

Addressing a large crowd at a rally in Harare, Morgan Tsvangirai delivered an upbeat and captivating speech. His promises were just what Zimbabweans wanted to hear. He said they had to get the country working again. Schools and hospitals needed to reopen. Mr. Tsvangirai promised that from the end of this month, civil servants, health workers, teachers, soldiers and the police would all be paid in foreign currency until the Zimbabwean economy had been stabilized. However, he didn't spell out where the money for this would come from.

A day after Israel's general election, the leaders of the two largest parties have opened talks with potential coalition partners. The leader of the Kadima party, Tzipi Livni, has said she wants to lead a national unity government. The Likud leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, hopes to be part of a right-wing coalition.

You are listening to the latest world news from the BBC World Service in London.

Russia says it's open to the possibility of allowing NATO and American forces to send weaponry across its territory to Afghanistan. The Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, was speaking in Moscow after talks with American diplomats about non-military supplies crossing Russia for NATO-led forces in Afghanistan. But Mr. Lavrov added that broader cooperation on Afghanistan depended on an improvement in Russia-NATO ties which was strained by Russia's military action in Georgia last August.

Iraqi police say at least 16 people have been killed and about 40 others injured in two bomb attacks in Baghdad. The bombs were planted in two cars parked at a bus station in a mainly Shiite part of the city. They exploded within minutes of each other. Jim Muir reports from Baghdad.

While levels of violence have fallen greatly over the past year and more, this double bombing was a reminder that the situation is still far from normal. The target was a busy bus station and Iraqi police believe the attack was connected with the current al-Arbaeen Pilgrimage marking 40 days since the anniversary of the death of the Imam Hussein. Many Shia pilgrims are making their way to Karbala for the occasion. And some of them, police said, were renting buses from the depot that was attacked.

The President of Chile, Michelle Bachlet, has arrived in Cuba on the first visit there by a Chilean leader in almost four decades. She is due to meet the President Raul Castro later today. It's expected that she and several of her senior ministers will work on improving trade links and increasing cooperation on science and technology.

Scientists in the United States say they have identified a molecule that may help to distinguish the slow growing form of prostate cancer from the aggressive kind. They hope this could eventually help to stop thousands of men having unnecessary surgery or radiation treatment. The discovery could lead to the development of a reliable urine test. In many men, prostate cancer develops so slowly that no treatment is needed.

BBC News.



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美国国会协商者最终对美国经济刺激计划达成一致,总额接近7900亿美元。他们希望未来几天对该计划进行投票。华盛顿,Richard Lister 报道。


国会议员告知美国主要银行家,他们必须理解逐渐蔓延的对华尔街的不满,必须努力重建公众信任。在政府援助计划中接受纳税人的税收的八大银行的CEO都在国会委员会露面。其中包括花旗银行的Vikram Pandit,买过财务部勒令其取消价值5000万美元的飞机的预订。


津巴布韦信任总理摩根·茨万吉拉伊许诺,结束对人权的践踏,结束该国的政治暴力。茨万吉拉伊是前反对党领袖,在就职后他发表讲话说,他不会改变与总统穆加贝的协议。Peter Biles报告。





伊拉克警方表示,在巴格达的两次爆炸事件中,至少26人死亡,另外40多人受伤。这两枚炸弹安置在该市什叶派教徒聚集区一个公交站旁的两辆汽车上。两枚炸弹在几分钟之内相继爆炸。Jim Muir在巴格达报道。

在过去的一年,暴力水平已经大大降低,这两次爆炸事件提醒人们,形势还远没有恢复正常。此次爆炸的目标是繁忙的公交车站,伊拉克警方相信,此次爆炸与纪念Imam Hussein死亡40天的朝圣活动有关。许多什叶派教徒赶往卡尔巴拉参加此活动。警方表示,许多教徒曾在爆炸地点租用公共汽车。



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