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BBC news, I'm John Shay.

In a dramatic rescue operation, US Special Forces have freed an American sea captain who was abducted by Somali pirates five days ago. Navy marksmen shot and killed three of pirates holding Captain Richard Philips aboard a lifeboat off the coast of Somalia. A spokesman for the US Navy Vice Admiral William Gortney said that the forces on the scene decided to act because they believed the life of Captain Philips was in immediate danger.

"The intended entire time was a deliberate process to let the negotiation process work itself out to a non-violent end and unfortunately that did not occur. The on-scene commander determined that the captain was in imminent danger. If he was not in imminent danger, they would not to take this sort of action. They were supposed to let the negotiation process work it out."

Thousands of anti-government protesters in Thailand have continued to defy a state of emergency declared in the capital Bangkok. The army has deployed troops and armored vehicles but the protesters blocked roads, commandeered buses and threw rocks and furniture at a car which they thought was carrying the Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. From Bangkok Jonathan Head reports

Even as he announced the state of emergency, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva found himself besieged by a furious crowd outside the Ministry of Interior from where he was making his televised statement. Only when security guards fired shots in the air did the crowd disperse. Under the decree, gatherings of more than five people were supposed to be banned and the army deployed to keep order. But when confronted by troops, the protesters greeted them like long lost friends, and at one point were allowed to climb in triumph on top of the military armored cars. The army might yet decide to move against the crowd overnight. If it chooses not to, the prime minister's position could become untenable.

The Mexican Government has urged the United States to do more to stop the flow of guns and cash which it says are fueling Mexico's drug wars. The Mexican Ambassador to the US Arturo Sarukhan said they were providing the drug cartels with the means to corrupt, bribe and kill. He said Washington's lifting of a ban on the sale of assault rifles in 2004 had been a crucial factor.

The Constitutional Court in Moldova has ordered a recount of the country's parliamentary election results after days of anti-government protests. The President of the Constitutional Court has said the recount must take place within the next nine days. Nicolas Wolfsan reports.

It's been a dramatic week in Europe's poorest country. Parliamentary elections last Sunday looked to have produced to resounding victory for the ruling Communist Party with just under 50% of the vote, well ahead of the three main opposition center-right parties. They want stronger ties to the European Union. The Communists favor strong ties to Russia, as well as links to the EU. These results brought opposition supporters out onto the streets. By Tuesday, they turned violent.

You are listening to the latest world News from the BBC.

More than 70 African migrants, mostly Somali have been thrown overboard off the coast of Yemen by the smugglers transporting them. A spokesman in Yemen for the aid organization Medicins Sans Frontiers said that 48 people survived, 17 bodies have been recovered and 11 was still missing. A spokesman said among those cast overboard were women and children.

The United Nations has welcomed the temporary ceasefire announced by the Sri Lankan military in its operation against Tamil Tigers rebels in the northeast. A 48-hour pause is due to start on Monday. The UN's Emergency Relief Coordinator John Holmes told the BBC he hoped it would mean more aid being allowed into the conflict zone where tens of thousands of civilians are trapped.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told the Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas that he intends to hold talks with him in order to boost Middle East peace efforts. The statement from Mr.Netanyahu's office said he told Mr. Abbas of his intention during a phone conversation described as friendly and warm. The statement did not give any other details of that discussion. Mr. Netanyahu has not publicly committed himself to the creation of a fully independent Palestinian state which is a fundamental demand of the Palestinians.

Conservationists in Indonesia have been giving details of a new population of orangutans discovered on the island of Bonio, possibly numbering as many as 2,000 animals. The head of the research team Eric Maod told the BBC that the intelligent but reclusive red-haired primates were found in a rugged, largely inaccessible mountainous region which helped to preserve them. He described the find as a rare and significant one.

"A lot of the populations that we are working with are pretty much in continuous decline, very few populations are really secure , so the find of a new population like this of several hundreds or maybe even like thousands or more animals. It is very exciting. "

And that's the latest BBC world news

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发表于 2009-4-17 13:27 |只看该作者
经过一场戏剧性的营救,美国特种部队成功营救五天前被索马里海盗劫持的美国船长。在索马里海上的一只救生船上,海军神手开打死劫持船长菲利普斯的海盗中的三人。美国海军中将发言人William Gortney说,在场部队决定采取行动是因为他们认为船长菲利普斯正处于危险关头。


在泰国首都曼谷,数千名反政府的抗议者继续挑战政府宣布的紧急状态令。政府部署了军队和装甲车辆,然而抗议者封锁了道路,抢占了公共汽车,并向他们认为总理阿披实在内的汽车扔石头和家具。Jonathan Head 从曼谷发回报道。




对欧洲这个最贫困的国家来说,这是个戏剧性的一周。上周日的议会选举中,统治党共产党似乎取得了彻底胜利,以将近50%的支持率领先于其他三个主要的中间-右翼反对党,后者希望加强与欧盟国家的联系。共产党希望一边与欧盟保持联系,一边加强与俄罗斯的联系。这一结果导致反对党的支持者走向街头抗议。周二抗议升级为暴力。70多个非洲移民被运送他们的走私者在也门海域从船上扔到海里,其中大多是索马里人。“医生无国界”援助组织驻也门发言人说,其中 48人幸存,找到17具尸体,另外11人失踪。发言人被扔下船的还有妇女和儿童。

斯里兰卡军队宣布在西北部同猛虎组织暂时停火,联合国对此表示欢迎。周一将开始长达48小时的停火。联合国联合国紧急救灾协调员 John Holmes 告诉BBC,他希望这意味着可以允许向冲突地区运送更多的援助物资,那里有数万平民被劫持。


印尼资源保护论者提供了新近在 Bonio岛上发现的猩猩的有关细节,该地可能有2000只猩猩。研究组领导者Eric Maod告诉BBC,他们是在一个崎岖不平、极难进入的山区发现这种智能但隐遁的红毛灵长类动物的,这种地形有助于保护他们的安全。他认为这一发现很罕见而重大。

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