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    2017-7-25 09:15
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    发表于 2017-4-17 09:16 |显示全部楼层 | 阅读模式


      相似题目:Young people who commit crimes should be treated in the same way as adults by authorities.To what extent do you agree or disagree?(犯罪2015.04.25)
      In some countries,a high proportion of criminal acts as committed by teenagers.Why has this happened?What can be done to deal with this?(犯罪2015.06.18)
      Many people do not feel safe at home or they are out.What are the causes and what can be done to make people feel safe?(犯罪2015.06.27)
      People are afraid to leave their homes for fear of crimes. Some people believe that more action should be taken to prevent crimes while others think that little could be done. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.(犯罪2015.09.3)
      高分范文题目:Children are committing more crimes. What are the causes of the phenomenon? How should they be punished?
      1 economic pressure, parents busy with work
      2 small family
      3 pressure from parents and from school as well
      How to punish them:
      1 deprive of freedom
      2 work for local community
      Youth crime contributes significantly to the increasing crime rate in the modern society. There is no doubt that these young delinquents take their punishment, but I prefer in different ways.
      The reasons for this phenomenon are worth of scrutiny. In China with the economy booming, pressure from competition at work and business force parents to work hard, leaving insufficient time to their children. Without enough love from the family, these adolescents tend to do something astounding, sometimes slip beyond control. In addition, the one child policy in my country also contributes to higher crime rate because these little “emperors” are brought up in such a way that some of them are self-centered and tolerant of little. When confronted with difficulties or injustice, they are prone to resort to violence. Although spoiled, they have to live up to the high expectation of their parents in the name of love. Under such pressure from the family and school as well, they tend to be rebellious to their parents and teachers, in some cases the society as a whole.
      When teenagers commit crimes, surely penalty should be given, especially the youth who commit serious crimes such as homicide or rape. No one should be excluded from justice, and justice has to be served. Depriving criminals of their freedom by imprisoning them, no matter how old they are, is the most effective measure to prevent crime and protect the lawful civilians in the society. Violent teenagers are as dangerous as their mature counterparts, hence should be put behind bars until they are no longer a threat to the public security.
      On the other hand, most teenager crimes are minor, like vandalism, fighting or theft which does not do serious harm to victims. The immature behave in an illegal but less violent manner mostly for fun, or to show their courage to impress their peers or to attract their busy parents’ eyes. In these cases, they should be given some opportunities to be corrected and eventually come back to the right track rather than being judged as adults who commit crime deliberately with full awareness of the consequences of their conduct. Instead of being jailed, young lawbreakers can be forced to repair the damage to their neighborhood or local community, and offer their sincere apology to the victims or do some community duties such as serving the elderly in local nursing home.
      To sum up, I personally reckon that political policy and the utilitarianism of educators should be responsible for today’s increasing juvenile delinquency. I agree with harsh treatment under the circumstances of serious crime. But if the offence is not major, adolescent criminals should be given alternative punishments like community service in order to reform them to be lawful citizens rather than being jailed.
      1.young delinquent 少年犯 n.
      2.scrutiny 细查 n.
      3.boom 迅猛发展 v.
      4.adolescent 青少年 n.
      5.astounding 惊人的 a.
      6.slip beyond control 失去控制
      7.bring up 抚养 v.
      8.tolerant 容忍 a.
      9.confront 遭遇 v.
      10.prone to 倾向于 a.
      11.resort to 诉诸于 v.
      12.live up to 实现,满足 v.
      13.in the name of 以…名义
      14.rebellious 叛逆的 a.
      15.in some cases 在某些情况下
      16.penalty 惩罚 n.
      17.homicide 谋杀 n.
      18.rape 强奸 n.
      19.exclude 排除,豁免 v.
      20.deprive 剥夺 v.
      21.civilian 平民 n.
      22.put behind bars 入狱
      23.counterparts 对应部分 n.
      24.minor 轻微的 a.
      25.vandalism 破坏公物罪 n.
      26.victim 受害者 n.
      27.impress 赢得赞赏 v.
      28.under the circumstances of 在…情况下
      29.conduct 行为 n.
      30.sincere 忠诚的 a.
      31.reckon 认为 v.
      32.utilitarianism 功利主义 n.
      33.harsh 严厉的 a.
      34.deliberately 故意地 adv.


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